ByCASSANDRA is a Melbourne based label designed for those ladies who are looking for something different.
My mum worked as a sample machinist when she was younger and growing up I was always around fabric and sewing machines. At a young age I would make little tops and skirts, practicing and learning from watching my mum.
In my last few years of high school was when I started taking my fashion studies more seriously. I created a few dresses for my art finals and presented folios. My art subjects were where I got my best marks and I knew I wanted to pursue something creative. 
I went on to doing my degree in Fashion Design and Technology at University.
After my studies I started working full time at Target. I would do some custom made dresses on the side. I knew I wanted to try have my own label one day but just didn't know where to start. 

I ended up quiting my full time job to try start my own business. Unfortunately the first time round wasn't the right timing and I went back to a full time job for another year. 

Still very interested to go somewhere with my passion I found myself with my boyfriend in the middle of China. From then on I couldn't let the idea of starting my own business go. 

I have been working on my business ever since and couldn't be happier. 
I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as i enjoy creating them.